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- Graduated at the University of Medicine & Pharmacy “Victor Babes”, in Timisoara (in 2014) and working as a doctor in Public Health & Management domain since 2016. She has studied music at the School of Arts in Timisoara (4 years), but started singing at 11 years as a member of the Flores group, recording several albums with the group and having as mentor the director of the vocal group. She recorded 5 albums with the Flores group, having included on them solo songs too.


Foreing languages: English, French, Spanish, Italian, also having been awarded the Advanced Cambridge Certificate in English


Awards and artistic activity:

- Performances on a weekly basis for events such as weddings, parties and restaurant evenings with live music for over 5 years, both with DJ, band or solo. The repertoire includes over 400 songs from international music, but also original compositions and Romanian music. She will be working on new songs for her first album, but also for national and international artists.


- Excellence diploma in the Romanian music awards in 2014, 2015 & 2016

- participation in the national preselection for Eurovision 2013, February 2013

- 3rd prize at the International Music Festival in Serbia – “Tineretea canta”, november 2012

- Participation in TV shows at TVR Timisoara and TVT 89 – Studio Star Show, 2012-2013

- Christmas concert in Slovenia, december 2011, with the Slovenian artists Jernej Dermota and Nace Junkar

-Special Prize at the National Music Festival "Iulian Andreescu", november 2011

-Member of WAFA (World Association of Festivals and Artists), june 2011

-3rd prize in the National Music Festival “Fortress stars”, Deva, November 2010

-Artistic tour with Slovenian artist Jernej Dermota, in august 2010, Ljubljana, Slovenia

-Special Prize at the International Festival “Champion’s League”, 4-7 august 2010, Romania

- 1st Prize and Organizer’s Committee Award in the National Music Festival “Crystal Voice”, Bucharest, March 2010

- Participation in the International Music Festival “Golden Melody”, Nicosia, Cyprus, February 2010

- Diploma for artistic activity in the project “The Youth of Music”, Dafiro ONG Foundation, November 2009

- 3rd place in the national festival “Fortress stars”, Deva, November 2009

- Diploma of excellence in the “Festival Internazionale dei Giovani”, August 2009, Piacenza, Italy

- Artistic musical tour in Italy, August 2009

- Artistic musical tour in Germany, July 2009

- Award of the organizing committee in the Discovery Festival, Varna, Bulgaria, may 2009

- Participation in the Romanian National Selection for the Eurovision Song Contest in 2009 with the song “Take the chance”, music: Floryanna, Alexandru Cena, Lukinich Attila & lyrics: Floryanna.

- Appearances in the Sunday Show on Europa Nova TV between 2008-2009

- Trophy “The Youth of Music”, 3rd edition, 2008, Timisoara, Dafiro ONG Foundation

- 1st prize in the National Festival “Fiero”, May 2008

- Artistic shows at the Opera of Timisoara between 2006-2008

- Special Prize at the National Festival “Stars to Be”, November 2007

- 1st prize  in the National Festival “Flori in orasul florilor”, June 2007   

- Artistic musical tour in France, Angouleme, May 2007

- Special Award for artistic activity from the National Institute of Art, March 2007

- Appearances in the Star Show and The Marathon of Hope on Europa Nova TV during 2006-2007

- 3rd place in the National Festival “Stars to Be”, December 2006

- Participation in numerous Romanian tv shows, National TV shows: “Music Box” and “Noon Show” (february 2009), “Impact” and local TV channels, in the TV project Fresh Star (2006), Stars of the West, Magic Show, Star Music (2006); in radio shows on West City Radio, Radio Timisoara, Radio 21, Radio Europa.

- Special prize from the “Little Vienna” Show, Timisoara, July 2006

- 1st prize in the International Festival “Flowers of Timisoara”, July 2006

- Diploma of excellence at the Festival “La Poalele Hasmasului”, the 5th edition, June 2006

- Award “Youth Hope” from Dafiro Foundation & Timisoara City Hall, October 2006

- Special prize of the jury in the National Festival “Chestnut Flower”, April 2006

- 3rd place for duet and 1st place solo performance in the National Festival “Flori in orasul florilor”, July 2005

- 3rd place in the National Musical-Choregraphic Contest “Autumn Fantasies”, november 2004 

- 3rd place in the National Festival “Young Talents of the West”, may 2004

- 3rd place in the National Festival “Flori in orasul florilor”, Timisoara, 2004

- Award “Genius on the horizon” from the Central-European Academy for Science & Arts, Alvina Awards for Creativity, 2003

- 1st place in the International Festival “Flowers of Timisoara” between 2000-2003

- In 2009 & 2010, she has collaborated as songwriter for:

- Jernej Dermota (Slovenia) for the songs “Carry on” and “Take my hand tonight”, “Could you tell me why”

- D-Seven (Poland), releasing “Pianodance” in 2009

- Dj Rares and Joshua (Romania) releasing “Flames of summer”,

- Albert van Leizer (Mexico) for the song “Everytime” and “Make you feel alive” , 2010

- Yulia Shmidt (Slovenia) for the song “I’m willing to try”, 2010

In September 2009, she has released as singles “Take the chance” & “Lost in you and me”.



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