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Deniz cem is the successfuly singer and composer who won a lot of trophies on all around the European countries… He has brilliant stage shows and uniqe talent for audiences like. Deniz Cem is graduated from MSM conservatory  (Mujdat Gezen Art Center 2005 ), He also  graduated on Geophysics Engineer Faculty of Kocaeli University ( 2007) and Biomedical faculty of Istanbul University ( 2000 ). He got several privacy voice courses.He worked with several successfull voice coachs for improve his skills.He knew to dance Latin ( Bachata, Salsa ) and break dance.He has got appreciates of authority of European music organazitors and producers  

He has got invites from a lot of  tv shows on europe … he joined to concerts of  very important stages on prestige of European music markets…. He released his first maxi single at a few mounths ago calling by ‘ NOKTA ‘ ( Dot  ) he has 3 Turkish and 3 English song in this maxi single  on 2012…He had one featuring song with famous Hungarian singer ‘ Annamari Dancs  the song ‘ I wanna be with you ‘’ composed by Deniz Cem … Also he performed the song ‘ Tornero ‘  which one won 3.rd place on Eurovision song contest 2006 …he has a lot of collaborations with many foregin singers from all over the world.He has more than 70 song by composed from his own ! Deniz Cem has 4 video clip that released by labels of music companies.

Deniz Cem , Includied to Professional music market at 2004 by his band  ‘ Grup Yok ‘   ... After some projects he decided to walk alone .. .By the same time he performed with some big Turkish stars and musical band calling by : Ladies & Centilmen ! He had back vocaling behind of  Sezen Aksu & Erol Evgin who are very famous Turkish singers.


Deniz Cem has a new single released song in Romanian that calling by ' Save me ' 2013 Deniz Cem has collaborated song titled by Sometimes  with Romanian famous singer Slyvie for Eurovision selection of Romania 2013




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Denz Cem (83)

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