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It all started when a friend had suggested Jake at the age of 8 to start, singing lessons.  The singing tutor was Italian and visited Malta every month.  With every lesson, Jake started to improve bit by bit and after a year, Jake took part in his first festival in Italy.  Jake learned quite a lot from this experience, he learned things which he used in other festivals.  After 4 years attending this Italian tutor, Jake wanted to take singing to the next level and started SLS (Speech Level Singing) where he was surprised by all the things he could do with his voice and as time passed Jake started to become more confident with his voice.  While attending SLS, Jake was invited by his tutor to sing in various showcases organized by SLS.  Jake learned a lot from this experience as very talented and experienced persons were there not to judge, but to give advice and tips to the talented students.  One of these persons was John Modi, a representative from the 'X Factor' who was generous enough to attend for one of these showcases.  Moreover, Jake participated in TV Programmes and also other festivals in Malta where he has won various Trophies.  Lately Jake has been invited by a very famous and talented Maestro from Malta to take part in a festival held in Turkey organized by WAFA (World Association of Festivals and Artists) where he managed to place 1st. Again Jake has received good advice and has obtained higher experience not only from the organizers and participants but also from people that have assisted him with patience throughout his stay in Turkey.

Artist's Full Name

Jake Camilleri (119)

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san Pawl tat- targa Naxxar

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00356 99047690

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Artist's Website


Artist's Website


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Young Talents

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L-ahhar Bidwi
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