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Cristian Alivej Biography

Cristian Alivej, a Romanian classical guitarist, composer, and teacher, graduated from the University of Arts with a degree in Classical Guitar, in Professor Sihota Simion’s class. He received his vocal training in pop music, in Professor Florica Orascu’s class, accompanied by pianist Marius Popp. Cristian also received a degree from the University of Music. He is a member of the Romanian Musical Performing and Mechanical Rights Society (UCMR-ADA). Currently, Cristian composes children’s music and works on several new guitar albums.

Cristian starts training in vocal performance in 1968, and in classical guitar in 1975, for self-accompaniment, under the guidance of the renowned composer Marius Teicu. While studying classical guitar, Cristian successfully joins all the voice lessons offered by Professor Florica Orascu – an outstanding mentor who trained some of the most celebrated Romanian singers, such as Angela Similea, Aura Urziceanu, Mirabela Dauer, and Dida Dragan –, and is supported both by her and by the Romanian jazz pianist Marius Popp.

Cristian quickly discovers that his passion for classical guitar exceeds his passion for vocal performance, so he dedicates himself fully to the study of this instrument. His musicianship is recognized in numerous competitions, as well as on tours and on television:  

  • Third Place, The Sinaia Festival of Classical Guitar, Sinaia , 1983

  • The Town of Sinaia Prize, The Sinaia Festival of Classical Guitar, Sinaia, 1984

  • First Place, The Sinaia Festival of Classical Guitar, Sinaia, 1985

  • First Place in the Duet Section (with Liviu Dimitriu), The Sinaia Festival of Classical Guitar, Sinaia, 1985

  • Second Place, The Sinaia Festival of Classical Guitar, Sinaia, 1986

  • Second Place in the Duet Section (with Razvan Grigorescu), The Sinaia Festival of Classical Guitar, Sinaia, 1987

  • The Best Composition, The “Flori de Gheata” Festival, Bucharest, 2003

  • First Place in the Composers  Section, “Mamaia Copiilor” Festival, Mamaia, 2005

  • Held eight recitals at the Romanian Athenaeum, Bucharest, 1983-1988

  • Classical Guitar Teacher at the The Palace of the National Military Circle and at the Petofi Sandor Cultural Arts Center, Bucharest, 1983-1985

  • Classical Guitar Teacher at the Slobozia School of Arts, Slobozia, 1985-1987

  • Featured on the first classical guitar vinyl record in Romania, released by Electrorecord in 1988, together with Corneliu Voicescu and Constantin Andrei, guitar professors at the Brasov Conservatory and at the Cluj Conservatory, respectively

  • Collaborated with many cultural and arts institutions

  • Appeared on television channels TVR 1, TVR 2, TVR International, TVRM, Antena 1, as well as on radio channel Radio Romania.

  • Collaborated with renowned artists Radu Gheorghe, Vasile Seicaru, Marus Pop, Mircea Dragan, Loredana Groza, Madalina MAnole, Mircea Baniciu, Catalin Crisan, Gabi Dorobantu, Anca Turcasiu

  • Collaborated with the Army’s Orchestra (Estrada Armatei), conducted by Dan Beizadea

  • Collaborated extensively with the “Doina” Army Ensemble, conducted by Sergiu Eremia on more than 200 tours

  • Toured in Czechoslovakia at the 35th  annual Classical Music Festival (Kosicka hudobna jar) in Bratislava, where, due to his recital together with Constantin Andrei, he was invted to the Kosice Conservatory to participate in the student auditions for Professor Jozef Haluza, who was impressed with the two guitarists’ advanced skills. Professor Haluza offered Cristian his syllabus, which would be incorporated in Romanian conservatories as a result.  Thus, Cristian contributes to the inauguration of the first classical guitar course in Iasi.

  • Toured in the United States and in Canada in 1991, together with Radu Gheorghe, Madalina Manole, Vasile Seicaru, Tamara Buciuceanu, and Mircea Dragan.

  • Toured together with the “Gigant” band from Arad, in Germany, Sweden, Norway, Netherlands, France, Italy, Greece, Spain, Austria, Hungary, Bulgaria, Turkey, Tunisia, 1994-2003

  • Released the first classical guitar CD in Romania, under the record label Eurostar, containing duets, trios, and quartets for guitar recorded in his personal studio; the cassette version of the album is subsequently released as well

Cristian has also obtained numerous awards for his compositions at competitions for children and teenagers all over Romania:


  • Best Composition Award  for the song entitled “Craciun”, together with lyricist Marian Stere, “Flori de Gheata” Festival, , Bucharest, 2003

  • Releases the hit “Fata Dresor”, “Mamaia Copiilor” Festival, Mamaia, 2002

  • Releases the hit “Chemarea Dansului”, “Mamaia Copiilor” Festival, Mamaia, 2003

  • Releases the hits “Vrei, Nu Vrei” and “Gradina Mea”, “Mamaia Copiilor” Festival, Mamaia, 2004

  • Releases first CD as a composer, together with lyricist Marian Stere and singer Monique Dinescu, 2004

  • Second Place in the Composition Section for the song entitled “Cheia Timpului”, with lyrics by Marian Stere and performed by Diana Catana, “Mamaia Copiilor” Festival, Mamaia, 2005

  • Composed over 80 children’s songs, most of which were on television, on CD albums, or are in the process of being recorded

  • Third Place in the Composition Section with the song entitled “Calutul”, with lyrics by Marian Stere and performed by Peter Tradnik, “Suflet de Stea” Festival, Alesd, 2006

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Cristian Alivej (225)

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B-dul ferdinand 129 BL.E1.,SC.1 AP 1
sector 02

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0040 7443 20776

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Artist's Website

cristian alivej

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